The largest bike races in the world

The Cape Argus In the world of international bike racing, the Tour de France is usually theĀ first one that comes to mind. While the Tour is certainly high profile, the Cape Argus, in Cape Town, South Africa, is by far the largest. With 35,000 entrants in 2013’s race, the Argus, as it’s now known, isRead More

What is going on?

For sporting fans, there are a wealth of cycling events happening in Europe during the year and they are certainly worth witnessing as they unfold. Many will see a number of racers from various nations battle for a place in history, as they will try to dominate opponents in races which will last for aRead More

Different types of cycling competitions

There are many different types of cycling competitions that take place throughout the year. If you would like to know about the most popular ones, this article will provide you with brief information about each race. Road bicycle competition This is one of the most popular types as it takes place from spring to autumn.Read More

Big Name Bike Riders in the World

Cycling has been popular both as a sport and a way of getting around for several decades and it can be practiced by people of all ages and from all walks of life. These days, cycling is so popular that special races are held in various different countries around the world and it is evenRead More