Different types of cycling competitions

There are many different types of cycling competitions that take place throughout the year. If you would like to know about the most popular ones, this article will provide you with brief information about each race.

Road bicycle competition

This is one of the most popular types as it takes place from spring to autumn. Many cyclers from Europe, Australia and Canada take part in this race. Whether you are a novice or pro rider, you can cycle for a set time of 60 minutes. A single day’s event normally takes around 60 miles. All riders start the race simultaneously and team time trial runs are also held on road bicycle competition.


This race originated for road racers during the colder months of the year. The competition consists of many laps of 2 to 3 mile courses over hills, grass and rocky trails. The rider would need to dismount his bike to be able to pass obstacles. Advanced cyclers can complete the race within half an hour to one hour, depending on the weather conditions. This sport is most favoured in Belgium, where competitions take place every autumn and winter.

Mountain bike racing

This is quite a new competition that was introduced during early 90s. It is an off-road race that involves a degree of technical riding ability. You can choose from several varieties such as: cross-country, downhill or four cross competition. Your bike needs a deep tread as you will be riding through the mountain.

BMX racing

This is another off-road race with sprints and single-lap tracks. The US launched its new BMX training center back in January 2008 and since then; lots of cycling competitions have taken place. Cyclers must navigate through a dirt track of jumps and flat corners.


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