What is going on?

For sporting fans, there are a wealth of cycling events happening in Europe during the year and they are certainly worth witnessing as they unfold. Many will see a number of racers from various nations battle for a place in history, as they will try to dominate opponents in races which will last for a week or more.

Here are some of the most popular events.

Giro D’Italia

One of the most popular events which happen regularly is the Giro D’Italia, a widely popular cycling event which sees fans from all over the globe flock in numbers to experience the thrills and competition of this historic race.

The Giro sees racers travel the length of the Italian Peninsula over a number of days, and will ultimately determine the winner by way of added time. The race is extremely strenuous for those taking part, and definitely proves who the strongest cyclist in the world is.

Tour De France

The Tour De France is also quite popular and is an occasion to travel to any of the major cities in France, savour some of the local delicacies and generally have a good time. Like the Giro it is also multi-stage and the Alps D’Huez climb is particularly notable among enthusiasts and fans.


The final lap at the Champs Elysee is a long-standing tradition of the Tour De France and, as mentioned, will likely see many fans spending time in Paris after the tour.

La Vuelta

This is the final of the most prestigious bike races taking place in Europe and it takes place in Spain. The route changes and is announced every year but, like the other races, it will always end in Madrid.

As with the other major races, it is another occasion to visit one of the historic European countries, and savour its culture while assisting one of the top sporting events of the year.


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